Glance RPO

Casey Sully

The Glance route is an RPO attachment that reads outside linebackers in one-safety looks or third level defenders in two-safety looks. The Glance itself is a five-step skinny post that replaces defenders filling in the run.

Who Glance attacks

In two-safety shells, the Glance is used to attack the route-side safety, who typically has run responsibility. In one-safety defenses, the Glance attacks the outside linebacker. If they fill on the run, the Glance is thrown behind them.

glance route
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Glance route examples and reads

Alabama is running the Glance with Devonta Smith and Mac Jones versus a one-safety look. That means they’re reading the first defender inside of the Glance route which is the outside linebacker. If that player is passive or gets depth underneath the route, Alabama will hand the ball of. If they’re aggressive to the run, they will throw the Glance behind them for a high-percentage pass.

glance route

LSU and Joe Burrow have the same read with Ja’Marr Chase. The only difference is that they’re reading the 3rd level defender since this is a two-safety shell on defense. As the safety crashes down to the run, Burrow pulls the ball and hits Chase where the defender has vacated.

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When the Glance has been thrown enough, eventually that read defender is forced to keep their depth underneath the route. That eliminates one defender from contributing to the run game and gives a man-advantage to the offense. The outside linebacker for Tennessee gains depth under the Glance, which tells Mac Jones to hand the ball off.

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The Glance route gives an explosive play opportunity with a teams’ best receiver while taking advantage of the aggressiveness of defenders filling in the run game. If the defense chooses to protect against the Glance, the offense can get numbers in the run game and exploit lighter boxes.