bubble rpo

The Bubble RPO creates a horizontal stretch on the outside linebackers. Bubble is run out of many formations and immediately stresses the edges of the field to pull defenders away from the run.

Who Bubble attacks

Bubble is effective against all defensive coverage shells. It stresses the outside linebackers or safeties and pulls them away from contributing to the run. If defenders stay static or fit inside to help in run defense, the bubble is thrown horizontally outside of them.

bubble rpo
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Bubble examples and reads

While Bubble can be treated as a post-snap read, it can also be thrown based on pre-snap looks. Against the Bucs, the Rams have three receivers outside in the horizontal space. Tampa Bay only has two defenders in that same area. That gives LA a man-advantage on the bubble with two blockers for two defenders. Stafford immediately rises and throws the bubble to out-leverage the defense. The bubble punishes them for bringing too many players in to stop the run.


The Bubble has flexibility in the way that teams run it. The Cardinals use a two-back set and flare one of the backs to the bubble while the other runs outside zone the other way. As the read defender to the left takes steps inside, Kyler Murray throws the bubble outside where Arizona has two receivers blocking.

bubble rpo

Once defenses allocate players outside to prevent the bubble, the offense can hand the ball off and gain numbers in the run game. As the linebacker bumps out on the motion, the Packers get five offensive linemen versus five defenders in the box which tells Aaron Rodgers to hand the ball off on the run play.



The Bubble gives the offense an easy throw that holds defenders accountable for stacking the box against the run. It forces defenses to defend from sideline-to-sideline.

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