00 Personnel

Personnel packages designate the number of running backs and tight ends that are on the field for the offense. To quickly identify the personnel groupings, we use a two-digit system. The first digit in the number stands for the number of running backs. The second is the number of tight ends. So, if you’ve heard of “11 personnel” that means that there is one running back and one tight end in the game. From there, you have to do some math to figure out how many receivers there are. There are five players aside from the quarterback who are eligible receivers. If there is one running back and one tight end, there are three players at receiver.

00 personnel means that there are five receivers on the field. Usually, that means teams will run empty formations with nobody aligned at the running back position. As a result, there are zero running backs or tight ends on the feld. 00 personnel is used in passing situations where the offense wants to spread out the defense or create matchups. While 00 personnel is predominantly used for passing, there can be quarterback runs like a draw.

It is important to remember that personnel is called in the huddle. Even if the offense lines up with nobody in the backfield and five players split out at receiver positions, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in 00 personnel. There could be tight ends and/or running backs aligned at receiver, which would change the personnel call. Formational alignment is independent of personnel groupings.


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