About Weekly Spiral

Weekly Spiral strives to provide some of the highest level yet understandable football analysis. By using All-22 coaching footage, we are able to add extra insight to explain current trends, big plays, player breakdowns, and schematic philosophies. Weekly Spiral aims to make the complexities of football approachable to everyone: from casual fans and diehards to players and coaches.

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Casey Sully

Podcast Co-Host, Editor, and Film Analyst

Casey Sully has an M.A. in Sport Management, writes, narrates, and produces all of the NFL Film Breakdowns on YouTube and here on weeklyspiral.com, and is a varsity football offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Tamalpais High School in California. He enjoys diving into the schemes, strategies, and nuances of the offensive game. His weekly NFL Film Breakdowns analyze All-22 coaches film and give insight into why certain plays and players are successful or are struggling.

Matthew Durgin

Podcast Co-Host and Senior Draft Analyst

Matt Durgin writes about NFL Draft news and other miscellaneous football subjects. His love of the draft developed at a young age when his beloved 49ers were constantly picking at the top of the draft. He also covers gambling in the podcast and wants to get you rich with his “expert” picks. He is known for his outlandish predictions and scorching hot takes.

Cyrus Taghavi

Podcast Co-Host and Producer

Cyrus edits, mixes, and records our podcasts. With a professional background in sales and marketing and a unique passion for music production and sports, Cyrus has found an outlet to combine them all through Weekly Spiral. His love of football started at a young age when he began watching the Philadelphia Eagles with his cousin and it took flight from there (no pun intended). When he’s not welcoming you to each episode of the Weekly Spiral, you’ll probably catch him playing a musical instrument, working, or blowing off some steam on his PS4.