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cover 6
August 16, 2021

Cover 6 is a blend of two separate coverages: Cover 4 and Cover 2. As a result, it looks very

cover 4
August 9, 2021

Cover 4 uses four deep defenders and three defenders underneath. Typically, Cover 4 uses match principles which involves man-coverage techniques

cover 0
August 2, 2021

Cover 0 is an aggressive coverage that is usually tied to heavy blitz packages. It leaves zero deep defenders and

cover 3
July 26, 2021

Cover 3 is a zone defense with corners and safeties protecting the deep thirds of the field. Each sideline is

cover 2
July 19, 2021

Cover 2 is a zone coverage with two deep safeties protecting the deep halves of the field. The rest of

cover 1
July 12, 2021

Cover 1 utilizes one free safety in the middle of the field with underneath defenders in man coverage. If not