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Casey Sully has an M.A. in Sport Management, writes, narrates, and produces all of the NFL Film Breakdowns on YouTube and here on weeklyspiral.com, and is a varsity football offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at Tamalpais High School in California. He enjoys diving into the schemes, strategies, and nuances of the offensive game. His weekly NFL Film Breakdowns analyze All-22 coaches film and give insight into why certain plays and players are successful or are struggling.

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April 4, 2022

Return motion utilizes a receiver going inside towards the formation and then returning back outside. Different systems also call the

March 29, 2022

After the Bills were knocked out of the playoffs without Josh Allen touching the ball in overtime, the NFL and

short motion
March 28, 2022

Short motion is exactly as its name describes. On short motion, the receiver runs inside towards the offensive linemen. The