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run n shoot
January 17, 2022

Origins of Run N’ Shoot The Run N’ Shoot originated at the high school level with Coach Glenn Ellison in

January 3, 2022

Origins of Air Raid The Air Raid offense was popularized by Mike Leach, Hal Mumme, and Sonny Dykes. The offense


There are many different fronts in all levels of football. In each defensive front, coaches and players need a way to communicate

The 4-3 Over puts it’s 3-technique or B-gap player to the strength of the offensive formation. As a result, the

4-3 under

The 4-3 Under is an alignment from a four-man defensive front that puts the 3-technique away from the strength of

3-3 stack

The 3-3 Stack is a three-man front that has three linebackers lined up directly behind the defensive linemen. Thus, the

inside zone

Inside zone is an incredibly popular run play that’s used at every level of football. It’s simple, creates vertical movement,

Outside zone has been a part of NFL run games for decades. It started to become popular in the 1980s

Counter is a staple of gap scheme run games. It gets linemen on the move and creates man advantage opportunities