Kyle Pitts – The ultimate “move” tight end for the Falcons offense

Oct 24, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts (8) makes a one-handed catch against Miami Dolphins free safety Eric Rowe (21) during the second quarter of the game at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Pitts is already on track for 1,300 yards just six games into the Falcons’ season. The 4th overall pick has found ways to immediately contribute and Atlanta has steadily added more to his plate.

Kyle Pitts has become the definition of a “move” tight end for the Falcons offense. His per-game snap share has been hovering at an average of 70%, but Atlanta lines him up all over the field. Once Pitts grows as a blocker and as an in-line tight end, he will become an even bigger offensive weapon.

What Pitts does, is allow Atlanta to create multiple looks while having the same personnel on the field. When you combine that with Cordarelle Patterson, that gives the Falcons immense flexibility play-to-play. They could line up with a tight end or H-back with Pitts and run the ball with Patterson, they could play-action off that look, or they could go empty with Pitts and Patterson both being bonafide receiving threats.


While Pitts’ blocking isn’t anything to write home about, he does enough – especially out on the edge. He can pin down or kick out ends or linebackers, although he occasionally has battles where he plays with poor technique and strength. The lack of blocking threat is holding back his development and utility as a tight end off of play-action where he can be more easily schemed open rather than just beating the guy in front of him.


He’s already producing without that aspect to his game, but when or if it comes, there’s some real untapped potential. The Falcons have started to integrate him into those kinds of plays to get him mismatches and opportunities, but to get those more consistently he can’t be a liability in the blocking game.


Where he’s done a lot of his damage is outside or in the slot. He’s got the speed to play anywhere and the size to create problems for corners and linebackers.
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He might not always be the most technically sound, but if all else fails, he can just bully smaller defenders to create space.


He can also win at slot. He’s a clear speed mismatch on larger defenders. He has cooked both the Dolphins and Jets over the last two weeks on some of those mismatches


As Kyle Pitts continues to grow in an the Falcons offense, Atlanta will become more dynamic. With his versatility to line up all over the field, he adds a dynamic element to the offense that forces defenses to match with personnel. That can force them to get stuck in run game or pass game mismatches and allow the Falcons offense to move the ball.

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