Buy or Sell: NFL Hot Starts

Is Rondale Moore a legit weapon?: Buy

Rondale Moore in the Cardinals offense is a match made in heaven. He’s impressed so far with 183 receiving yards, which is second amongst rookies. His speed and shifty running allow him to be used on quick passes and deep shots, making him even tougher to guard. With Kyler Murray playing out of his mind and at an MVP level, expect him to continue to spread the ball around while opposing defenses focus on stopping DeAndre Hopkins. Moore’s production might not show up every week in the box score, but his presence will be felt.

NFL Hot Starts – Rondale Moore could be in for a big year

Is Derek Carr an MVP candidate?: Sell

Right now, Derek Carr is playing some of the best ball in his career, but we shouldn’t expect him to finish among the league leaders in passing yards. The NFL community is split with Carr, with some seeing him as an underrated franchise quarterback and some seeing him as a placeholder for whoever Jon Gruden decides to bring in. Regardless of where you fall, you have to realize that the Raiders are a run-first team when Josh Jacobs is healthy and Carr won’t have the volume like other quarterbacks will. Can he keep up this impressive play? Maybe, but just don’t expect an MVP-type season.

NFL Hot Starts: Derek Carr is on pace to put himself in the MVP conversation

Can Deebo Samuel become a top WR?: Sell

Deebo is a baller and as a 49ers fan, I absolutely love having him on my team. But, is he a guy that can be one of the best receivers in the league in this offense? No. He’s taking advantage of his snaps and Kyle Shanahan has been feeding him the ball, but you have to expect George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk to be more involved in the offense. Also, the 49ers run the ball as much as anyone. Just because they are banged up in the backfield doesn’t mean that’s going to stop them from doing what they think is best for the team. If he stays healthy, he will absolutely have his best season, but it won’t make him one of the elite pass catchers.

Will Haason Reddick be in the top ten in sacks?: Buy

When Reddick signed a modest one-year contract with six million guaranteed, I was puzzled. In his first season playing his natural position, he had 12.5 sacks and was still in his prime at 26 years old. So far this season, he’s proving he’s worth significant money and has already piled up 4.5 sacks. I see no signs of him slowing down. The Panthers have an underrated defensive line that has two young former first-round picks in Brian Burns and Derrick Brown. Because of this depth and skill, a guy like Reddick should continue to feast and demolish offenses all season.

Is Trevon Diggs a lockdown corner?: Buy

There’s already a good chance that Diggs is one of the elite cornerbacks in football. He showed signs of stardom as a rookie last season, but now he’s become the best defender for the Cowboys. With two interceptions on the season, Diggs has played well against both the Buccaneers and Chargers, two of the better offenses in the league. As the Cowboys start to play more NFC East opponents, I don’t see any of the mediocre quarterbacks in that division testing Diggs.

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Has Sam Darnold been saved?: Buy

I have stuck with Darnold through thick and thin so you better believe I’m ready to take my victory lap after these last few games. It is probably too early to say that he’s totally gotten his career back on track, but it’s night and day from his time with the Jets. He’s surrounded by one of the best play-callers in the league with Joe Brady and a talented skill group that features a few Pro-Bowl-level talents. I don’t see the Darnold train slowing down anytime soon.

NFL Hot Starts – Sam Darnold is looking good in Joe Brady’s offense

Is Denver where Teddy Bridgewater becomes a franchise QB? : Sell

Teddy is the definition of a quarterback who’s good enough to start, but not good enough to keep around. He’s completing 72% of his passes, but isn’t facing playoff-caliber teams. That’s not his fault, but the schedule will get tougher for him and therefore bring him back to reality. I do believe that the Broncos are playing much better than most expected and that Bridgewater is miles better than Drew Lock. However, I don’t think he’s going to be a top passer this year and much of the success of the Broncos offense will be through the run game. At this point, Teddy is who he is.

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Will Devin Singletary become a good fantasy option?: Buy

I was super high on Singletary last year and was left with egg on my face. The Bills offense is predicated on Josh Allen and the passing game, which means Singletary doesn’t get the volume like many running backs. Through three games this year though, he’s averaging over 5.1 yards per carry and is the top guy in Buffalo’s backfield. While he’s unlikely to get enough touches to rush for over 1,000 yards, we could see Singletary take advantage of the offensive spacing with big runs.